Quality medical grade cannabis clones tall, fully rooted and stabilized in rapid rooter plugs


Quality medical grade cannabis teens ready for any garden set up in either soil cups or plugs

Ready To Flower

Quality medical grade cannabis plants fully vegetated and ready for your flower room


Quality medical grade cannabis mothers that have been cropped to ensure lots of branches and shoots

Our Newest Strains

Guaranteed Genetics

Every plant in our operation has been tested, flowered and cataloged to ensure every clone, teen or mother is exactly what is advertised.
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Current Medical Grade Strains Available

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I-Indica      S-Sativa      IH-Indica Hybrid      SH-Sativa Hybrid

1-10 Clones
11-50 Clones
50-199 Clones
200+ Clones
1-10 Teens
11-50 Teens
50-199 Teens
200+ Teens
1-10 Ready To Flower
11-50 Ready To Flower
50-199 Ready To Flower
200+ Ready To Flower
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Easy Online Verification

We are a Professional White Glove Co-op and operate as one. For a small delivery fee we will deliver them to your door. All patients must have valid California ID and doctor’s recommendation and must present upon request, no exceptions.

You can upload a scan or picture of your recommendation online to be pre verified.